5 Must Have Unisex Fragrances

May is upon us, and I’m super excited to enjoy the gorgeous weather in this beautiful season. It’s one of my favorite times of the year to be out and about looking good and smelling better! May is also the month for Mother’s Day, graduations, weddings, and plenty of events happening! I thought this would be the perfect time to share my Top 5 fragrances of the season that are not only perfect for Spring but make for a great gift for a friend or loved one. And guess what? THEY ARE ALL UNISEX! So if you’re the type that likes to get gifts that you can borrow (naughty) then this will be the perfect gift for your other half!
Without further ado, here are my Top 5 fragrances in no particular order:
Santal 33 by Le Labo
This is such a unique scent that really stands out. I probably would have never picked it for myself, but I became really in love with the scent after I sprayed it on my skin and let it sit for a while. It’s strong and long lasting and I constantly get compliments when I wear this. I also love that the bottles can be personalized so it’s a super sweet gift idea!
Greenwich Village by Bond No. 9 (NEW!)

This new release by Bond No. 9 has completely stolen my heart! It’s floral and fresh but has depth. It’s only been released for about 3 weeks now but it became one of my favorites since the very first spray! It smells even better as it settles into your skin chemistry throughout the day!
Baccarat Rouge 540 by Madison Francis KurkdijanI have loved this fragrance and for years and I would smell people wearing it around the world again and again and I always asked for the name but could never figure it out. I’m so glad I finally did find it because it is to die for. It’s a strong long lasting fragrance but soft enough that almost everybody loves it! It comes in different intensities and in an oil which is great because you can get the same fragrance in exactly the strength you prefer! Highly recommend!
Parco Paladiano II by Bottega VenetaThis is a great scent for spring season because it is full and fresh. It has a very clean scent, but it is very smooth so not too overwhelming. Not only does it smell amazing but I think the bottle is also gorgeous (and generous) so it makes for a great bottle to add to the collection visually!
Silver Mountain Water by CreedSurprise! I also love this fragrance. It has fruity top notes with a green crispness that makes it the perfect unisex fragrance. It has been super popular for decades and it has become my current favorite from Creed! 

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