Liquifying African Black Soap

Hey friends! I just wanted to share with you my quick recipe for liquifying African Black Soap! I use it as face wash, body wash, and shampoo and absolutely swear by this stuff! Even when I travel, I take it with me in a travel size container because I love it so much and here’s why:

When used on skin, it helps heal problems such as acne, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis, fades skin discolorations, relieves dry and irritated skin, and evens skin texture and tone. When applied as a hair shampoo, it softens hair, promotes hair growth, and is perfect for itchy or dry scalp. African black soap is antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial and is packed with Vitamins A and E.

So now that you know that you need this product in your life, let’s get into this recipe: 


-1 tsp Argon Oil

-1 tsp Vitamin E Oil

-1 tsp Jojoba Oil 

-4 oz black soap

-2 cups of Water 


So the recipe is easy! First you take the black soap in solid form and cut it into small pieces (pebble sized) so that it can be easily dissolved into the water. 

Next, add 2 cups of warm water to your small pieces of soap in a bowl. Then add your jojoba, vitamin E, and argon oil to the bowl. Cover and let sit for two hours. 

Return to your mixture and stir it to ensure that all of the soap has been completely dissolved into the water. Once it has, funnel your mixture into a soap dispenser or whatever container you prefer. 

And that’s it! You’re done! 

Like any soap or shampoo, you will need to follow with a moisturizing lotion or hair conditioner to avoid dryness! I recommend shea butter, which has equally as many benefits, as a great moisturizer for skin to follow this wonderful soap.

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