Where to stay in Tulum, Mexico

I’m about a month out from my latest trip to Tulum, and I’m already wondering when I’ll be back for more ceviche. If you haven’t read my latest blog about my top recommendations for your next trip to Tulum, then go back and check it out.

Today, I wanted to share information about my accommodations during my last two trips to Tulum. For both of these locations, I would recommend renting a vehicle so that you can easily get around the main town area and the beach strip in Tulum. However, if you choose to stay at a beachfront hotel then a rental vehicle might not be as necessary.
During my first trip, I stayed at an AirBnB called Soho Residences. I’m an avid user of AirBnB for its price value and ease of access. This place was small, but it met our needs and having the benefit of having our own private pool and gate access was really nice. There is no privacy in the bathroom so definitely keep that in mind if you’re traveling with people that you’re not on that level with (lol). They also cleaned daily, had a functioning kitchen, and great A/C. I would recommend this place for 2 people, but no more than 3. (Pictures below)

During my second trip, we stayed at Mudra Hotel. Although there is a check-in counter, it felt a lot like an AirBnB. This was a super spacious place. It had two King sized bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a full kitchen, and a shared swimming pool. This hotel is not located on the beach, but they share beach access with another hotel which allowed us to have day passes and access to cabanas at another location. I loved the decor modern simple decor. This place sleeps 4-6 comfortably. 

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