5 Reasons to Visit Dominican Republic 

I just got back from the Dominican Republic where we celebrated my sister’s birthday in Punta Cana. Although this January weather was a cold slap back to reality, the bliss of spending a few days in the sun made it a lot easier to deal with. If you’re interested in a tropical Caribbean vacation, then I recommend trying out DR and here is why:
The people are super friendly and accommodating, which always makes a place feel more warm and inviting.

The weather was amazing with hot sunny days perfect for sunbathing or swimming, and breezy evenings perfect for chilling out.

It is inexpensive! When it comes to finding a place to stay, your dollar goes far. Airfare is also typically pretty cheap because it only takes a short flight to get there. (Keep in mind prices will always be jacked up in touristy locations.)

There are plenty of activities to do day and night. You can swim with dolphins, do water sports, hiking, or just chill on the beach. There are bars, clubs, and activities if nightlife is your thing.

Ellos hablan espanol y ingles! For all of you who studied Spanish in high school like I did, you will be able to practice the lingo. But if you’re not in the mood, then it’s fine because they’ll speak English with you as well!

I actually tried something new during my Punta Cana vacation. I had never done an all-inclusive hotel, because my general opinion about them is that if I’m going to stay inside the hotel the whole time and eat only their food and not explore the culture then why waste the money on an international flight- you can do that in Florida. The circumstances were different this time around and we really didn’t have much desire to do anything except sitting by a pool drinking margaritas all day and I figured Dominican Republic is easily accessible for a future trip where I can do some real exploration of the country. So, we went with all-inclusive. We stayed at Impressive Resort & Spa, which I will review on the blog so look out for that! 

We tried stand-up paddling and kayaking in between tanning sessions which was a lot of fun. I also had one of the best coconuts I’ve ever had there, which stands up to some pretty stiff competition. We went out of the hotel in the evenings to walk around and visit some of the local places in the area, which was a good way to see some new things although next time I plan to do way more of that.

To sum it all up, if you’ve never been to DR it’s definitely worth a go. This is a laid back place that is easily accessible and easy to navigate, so I can completely understand why it’s a popular place that people visit multiple times. 

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