Tips for Tulum, Mexico

Hey friends! I just got back from Tulum, Mexico a couple of days ago and it’s definitely working it’s way towards one of my favorite destinations. This was my second visit there within one year and I would still go a third time if I was given the chance! It’s a place that’s easy to access, easy to navigate, and even more easy to enjoy (and can I add that I always leave Tulum with an immaculate tan!?). Here is a short list of things that I love and I recommend you try while staying in Tulum.
Eat Everything

One thing that I look most forward to when visiting Tulum is getting to eat all of the amazing foods. The food is made with fresh and light ingredients that are full of flavor and locally grown. Seeing that Tulum spans across a gorgeous coastline, it is definitely a good idea to take advantage of the fresh seafood. 

My favorite dish is ceviche; if it weren’t for US customs then I would be bringing this stuff back in my suitcase by the pound. You can share it as an appetizer or eat it as a meal, but it is ah-mazing (I literally think about eating fresh ceviche atleast once a week year round.) I also love trying out street food around the town. In the mornings, I love getting a huge parfait made with fresh fruits and topped with granola and yogurt. Others of my favorite street foods include churros, tacos (duh!), corn, sopes, and soup but I’m still making my way through the long list of foods to try! Mateo’s is a nice restaurant to sit down and get local food in the area.
Visit the Cenotes 

The cenotes are these underwater caves with the clearest blue water found scattered around the area. The biggest and most popular one is probably the Grand Cenotes and it is worth seeing at least once ($10 per person). People love taking pictures here, and if you’re down for a swim then it’s really cool to check out through the caves and refresh yourself from the heat in these beautiful pools. If you’re interested in avoiding crowds, you can try a smaller one like Carwash Cenotes which is still beautiful and will probably allow you to get a more private experience!

Relax at the Beach 

No brainer alert! With clear blue waters and white sand beaches why wouldn’t you want to spend a day sipping on margaritas at the beach? When you’re booking your accommodations, consider that if you don’t stay beachfront, then you will have to get access to the beach at a nearby hotel or public beach. If you plan to do a lot of sightseeing, then a day pass at the beach might meet your needs perfectly, but if you are planning to spend every waking moment out on the sand then I would definitely suggest you find somewhere on the beach. I typically stay in the town because I like the activity that goes on and the chance to explore the local culture, so if that’s something you’re interested in then I would recommend getting a beach day pass at either Hip Hotel or AZULIK.
Tour the Mayan Ruins 

It’s always good to fit a little history and culture in when you can. The ruins of ancient Mayan civilizations are found in Tulum and if you’re nerdy like me, then you may even recognize them from your grade school history books. It is a pretty incredible site to see and a nice place for some memorable pictures. If you decide to add this into your itinerary, make sure to go in the morning to beat the heat AND the long lines which will accumulate throughout the day.
Explore the City

As I mentioned before, I typically stay in the central town area of Tulum because I feel that it is a more authentic feel and there is plenty to see. I’ve stumbled upon soccer games, local markets, and plenty of street food vendors while exploring the town center of Tulum. There are also bars, restaurants, and shops that are worth visiting if you have the time to do so. On the beach strip, there are even more establishments that are typically a little more high end as this area is catered towards the tourists that are staying in the nearby hotels. All of these places are beautiful and are worth seeing, so try to visit both sides of the town during your stay.
Go on a Photo-Tour

If you have an eye for photography, then you will be completely spoiled in Tulum. The town has a contemporary vibe that focuses on its natural beauty, it seems like almost everywhere you go is worth snapping a picture of or will make a great backdrop for your #OOTD pic. AZULIK is one of the places where you will definitely want to snap a photo for your personal archives. If you have a free afternoon, grab your camera or your phone, and spend some time walking around and taking photos of things that spark joy. When you’re done, compare the pictures with your travel buddies and see how your artistic eyes differ!

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