What I’m Wearing: Worth the Wahala 

I love wearing my my Worth The Wahala oversized T-shirt on chill days! In these latest photos I am in Dubai Marina on a late-night burger run with my Dubai crew. There’s nothing like a late night food run with your friends to bring some enjoyment into the workweek. I’m wearing an oversized Wahala Dey T-shirt which can be found at Worth The Wahala. I’ve paired it with a baseball cap, Adidas soccer pants, and Gucci Princetown fur-lined leather mules. I’m just about as comfortable as it gets while still representing popular street style trends for this look.

Wahala is a word that originates from West Africa which basically translates “trouble; problem; challenge; etc.” The #WorthTheWahala movement promotes valuing oneself by reminding you that you are worth the wahala or worth the trouble! My shirt states WAHALA DEY which translates “trouble is there.” It’s my way of saying I might be a bit of a challenge, but I’m worth it afterall! 

Now I’m not the kind of girl that takes pride in being ‘crazy’ or dramatic and I don’t want you to think the shirt is a statement of just how troublesome I am. However, I do have specific standards for myself and how I want to be treated by others in my life because I value myself and I believe in my worth as a young woman. With that being said, there will inevitably be other people who come around and try to treat me less than what I expect for whatever reasons. Maybe they are used to dealing with people who don’t demand the same level of respect. 🤷🏽‍♀️  My shirt is a statement to all and a reminder to myself that although I have high standards of what I want, I know that I’m worth the challenge and that’s why I’ll continue maintain those standards.

This can apply to your friendships and the level of trust and loyalty that you want to be reciprocated. It can apply when it comes to dating and what you expect when a guy or girl tries to court you. It can apply to the level of respect you look for in your work place among many other aspects of your life.

Aside from the bomb meaning behind the design, the shirt is also the most comfortable thing I own and is my favorite thing to throw on to run around town. Sporty and oversized styles are very in fashion for streetwear these days, so a cute oversized T-shirt can be a versatile piece. It can be paired with biker shorts and heels for a sportychic look or with your favorite sweats and slides like I’m wearing in the pictures above. 
These shirts will be on sale at Worth the Wahala pop-up this Saturday, May 26 at the @jolloffestival in Atlanta and anytime on http://www.heyborley.com. 

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