Sippin’ and Fellowshippin’ at 5 Church Atlanta

So I’ve found another gem for you in the heart of midtown Atlanta. 5 Church Atlanta is the perfect spot for a casual dinner, date nights, or even special occasions. The location is easy to reach and the venue is smart and sophisticated. For me, it was the perfect restaurant for a much needed ladies night with my girls.


We started off with some beverages from the hand crafted drink menu. I am not even a drinker, but there were so many good looking drink options that I had to try a few. My favorite was the ‘Holy Water.’ It was tasty and had a punch, but wasn’t too strong for me!
Lets get on to what I love the most- food! The head chef of the restaurant designed every dish on the menu, and I can tell he took his time in doing so. Every dish I tried was delicious, but I’ll save time by telling you my favorites.
My favorite appetizer was the Jamaican Jerk lamb chops… and yes, it does taste as good as it sounds. The meat was perfectly cooked and so flavorful. OMG I wish I could time travel back to my first bite. My next favorite was the New Orleans BBQ Creole shrimp- so delicious! It tasted like authentic NOLA seafood, which was a very pleasant surprise to find in Midtown Atlanta! The watermelon & crab salad was also a unique and fresh taste that I loved. The crab meat was plentiful and the combination of flavors was perfect.
For my main course, I got the Grilled Hanger Steak paired with the roasted Brussel sprouts (y’all know I love my veggies!) The steak was tasty but the brussel sprouts stole the show for me (and that might just be apart of my strange affinity for vegetables), but regardless both were amazing. I also tried some of my friends dishes and I would also highly recommend the salmon and gnocchi.

IMG_5480So all in all, I have only good things to say about 5 Church Atlanta. I’m going to recommended it highly to all of my friends, and don’t be surprised if you see me there

again if you decided to go check it out!
Chat later! xo

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