5 Sky High Bucket List Ideas

On my latest birthday, I was looking to do something unique and exciting to celebrate my milestone. I contemplated so many different things but Drake’s voice just kept playing in my head, “When’s the last time you done something for the first time? You done done it all.” I mean, I’ve done the beach club and night club thing… I’ve done the fancy dinner party thing… I’ve done the pool party and yacht party thing… I needed some new ideas! So that’s what led me to book my first helicopter ride- a Dubai city tour from a bird’s eye view. Exciting!
When I arrived at the helipad, I was so excited to get up in the air. I sat through a brief safety demonstration, got my gear on, and then we headed for the chopper. It was so exciting to see the city from the sky. It was like the part of a plane ride right after take-off and before landing when you’re at the perfect height to see the city before flying above the clouds. Not only was it thrilling, but I got to check that off my bucket list as well. Check out the video below to view my helicopter experience in Dubai.

I would highly recommend you guys book a helicopter ride if you’ve never been on one, but if you already have then try out some of my other Sky High Bucket List ideas.
1. Helicopter Ride – There’s a number of cities where you can find helicopter tours. I highly suggest this one.

2. Skydiving – This one is for my thrill seekers only. I love a good adrenaline rush and if you know me then you know I’m exactly the type of person that would be crazy enough to jump out of a moving plane!

3. Hot Air Balloon Ride – This is such a cute idea for me, and I think it could be the perfect experience to celebrate a romantic occasion such as an anniversary or an engagement with your significant other.

4. Private Plane Charter – For my bossy people only. They say you’re not living until your wearing your PJ’s on a PJ. Chartering a plane for a short flight could be the perfect touch to upgrade a vacation with friends to the next level. Loading.

5. Zip Lining – This is a vacation classic that you can find in a number of destinations. I’ve zip lined over the rainforest and through the city sky and no matter how many times I zip-lined, it was still as exciting as the very first time!

Do you guys have any Sky High Bucket List ideas that I’ve left off? Send me a message and let me know. I’m always looking for a fun idea to liven up my vacations! Chat later, friends! xo

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