Food Diary: Shabarbush, Dubai

It’s always nice to find new amazing restaurants when you least expect to. That was my experience with Shabarbush. Located in the quiet Mamzar area, it is truly one of Dubai’s hidden gems. 

First of all, the ambiance of the restaurant is really cool. It’s flooded with natural daylight, and filled with boardgames and books for you to use while you’re there. It’s the kind of place where you’d want to hang out even if you’re not hungry. I even checked out the book collection, and I was actually surprised at some of the awesome books that they have on hand! They also have a live music talent night on Thursdays which was really cool and entertaining.

Even better were the drinks. My all time favorite was the Mamzar Cooler- no kidding you MUST try this. This drink was absolutely delicious. Mixed with redberries and fresh tea, this icee drink was the perfect thing to cool me down from the ridiculous summer heat. Every time I took a sip, I couldn’t help but tell my friends again and again how good it was.

The food was absolutely on point. I loved how the chef put a unique twist on some ordinary dishes. Like the lamb, for example, was served with peas and feta cheese. I’ve never tried that before but the combined flavors were so good! Even the simple dishes like the green salad or the sweet potato fries were prepared to perfection. In fact, I ate so many sweet potato fries as my appetizer that I almost didn’t make it to the main course… But I’m glad I did because it was all so tastey!

They say you should save the best for last, and that would be dessert. Oh Em Gee. The brownie was delicious, but it was the French Toast that left me speechless. It was so full of flavor, cooked perfectly with a bit of peanut butter and chocolate added but not too overpowering. I’d definitely recommend you save room for dessert when you visit Shabarbush!

So there you have it. Shabarbush is officially Afoko Approved! Go check it out and let me know what you think! Check out my pics below! 

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