Royal Escape: The Shangri-La, Paris

The Shangri-La Hotel Paris is a mashup of all of the things I love most about Paris. It is regal, it is romantic, it is refined, and it has character. After doing a little snooping around, I found out that the hotel was formerly the palace of a prince which made perfect sense to me. I felt like it was truly a place for a princess from the moment that I arrived in my taxi and was welcomed inside. You can look at the immaculately designed stairwells, fireplaces, and ballrooms and just imagine all of the swanky people who have slept in this plush property over the years.
If you have read my other posts, then you probably already know that I am not the biggest fan of the food in Paris. Actually, I’m not a fan at all. But luckily, my hotel was a safe haven from all of the unenjoyable meals that were waiting for me outside of it’s walls. The food in the hotel was delicious! They have two Michelin rated restaurants in-house and my favorite was L’Abeille. I also went a little bit crazy with the room service, but you guys know how I feel about breakfast. I would definitely recommend any guest of the hotel doesn’t miss the opportunity to enjoy these amazing restaurants. If you’re staying at another hotel, consider making a dinner reservation for yourself at the hotel so you can enjoy the food and spend some time in the beautiful lobby (great for pics).

The rooms are a good size and were very comfortable. The bathrooms are everything that you could ask for in a hotel bathroom- and more. I definitely enjoyed having a warm bath in the evenings after braving the cold air all day long! There was a nice small terrace that I could step out on which overlooked the city. Just thinking about how comfortable I felt in the suite makes me want to hop the next plane to Paris again. It was so warm and cozy. The hotel just makes you feel like you’ve entered a romance novel… like you can almost hear accordions playing in he background. I really loved it!

One of the best hidden gems that the hotel has to offer is the pool. I was completely not expecting to leave from Dubai to Paris in the wintertime and find an amazing swimming pool. There’s a huge indoor swimming pool that is flooded with natural light from the floor-ceiling windows looking into a terrace. Definitely check this beautiful place out and get some spa services done as well. You will thank me later, seriously!

And lastly, the location! At the end of the day you didn’t fly all the way to Paris to stay inside of the hotel, although it will be hard not to. Lucky for you, the Shangri-La hotel is in a perfect location just a short walk from the Eiffel Tower and only One minute from the metro station. You can get anywhere quickly and you can find anything you need nearby.

So do I recommend this hotel? Without a doubt, yes. This hotel actually made me love Paris even more. If you’re planning to visit Paris, consider this my number one recommendation! Check out my photos from the hotel below!

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