Five things to do by yourself on vacation

I love to be around people. In fact I’m surrounded by people most of the time. But I think that’s why I cherish my time alone all the more- especially when I’m traveling. Here is a list of five things you can do to enjoy time with self while on vacation.

1. Go for a walk/run. There’s nothing like clearing your head and absorbing new surroundings without any distraction. I love to explore by myself when I travel. It’s a great mental space for creativity, reasoning, and planning.

2. Take a picture. It will last longer … no seriously! Its crazy how quickly you can forget things, but a picture can always take you back to a certain place and time. I love to capture moments with my camera. My travel photos are special to me, and I’ve taken some shots that I’m actually very proud of!

3. Talk to strangers. I know that this is probably the exact opposite of what your parents told you when you were growing up. I hope you can use your discernment in knowing when to and not to speak to a stranger, but having conversations with people from a different walk of life can help you gain perspective and wisdom. A great example of this is @humansofny

4. Write a diary. I wish I did this more. Putting your thoughts out into the world even if it’s just for yourself can be so fulfilling. It also gives you the chance to realize your thoughts and check yourself. But the coolest part of a diary is being able to look back in 10, 20, or 50 years and relive the memories or emotions and see your growth- that’s really cool.

5. Watch the sunrise. Who doesn’t enjoy a good view? Watching something as beautiful as the sunrise just really makes me appreciate life and the beauty of the world. When I’m at home I normally keep my curtains closed because I don’t like to wake up a second before my alarm (some say I sleep like I’m hibernating). So when I go on vacation, I try to step back and appreciate stuff like this.
Here are some pictures I took in Valbonne while I visited the South of France last week. I walked to the village to have some self time and see the weekly market. I was chilling, people watching, and trying to learn a little French. Have a look!

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