Top 3 Beach Getaways 

I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to travel to some stunning beaches across the globe! I think it’s safe to say that no two beaches are the same! Some are bustling with people and bars and some are isolated and completely disconnected. But out of all the amazing beaches I’ve been to, I can easily say these three are my Top 3 recommendations to visit!
1. Zanzibar 

Zanzibar is an island off the coast of Tanzania. Here I found some of the most beautiful beaches with the most white sand and clear blue water that I’ve ever seen. The whole island is pretty quiet for the most part, so it’s the perfect place to get away for some R&R. If you’re looking for a wild nightlife on your beach trip, then Zanzibar won’t be the best fit for you. But if you want beautiful views, chill vibes, and friendly people then you would love this place.

There is a full moon party every month in Nungwi, which is a pretty big deal. Try to plan your trip during the full moon and spend the night partying with the locals and other tourists under the huge moon and bright stars!

The expenses on the island are very affordable aside from taxis, and you won’t spend a lot to do water sports or any other activities. Also, the island is in Africa so it’s nice to see such beautiful sights straight from the motherland. The locals will be happy to talk to you and teach you a bit of Swahili. Love it. Number one holiday for me by far. I will always love Zanzibar.

Tip: make sure you’ve arranged transportation from the airport to your hotel.

2. The Philippines

My second choice for beach getaways is the beautiful Philippines! I stayed the most part of my trip in Boracay, which was a really fun island. I was very surprised to find a strip full of restaurants, lounges, and bars in Boracay. Our hotel Lingganay Beach Resort and most others  offered a shuttle to and from the strip, which was really nice because we enjoyed the peacefulness of the resort all day until we got a little dressed up to visit some restaurants or lounges in the evenings. There were so many things to do that the days flew by.
I also tried diving for the first time here at White Beach Divers and got my scuba certificate. There are many dive centers on the island which are licensed and can offer a great diving experience with safe equipment and professional instructors.  Compared to other locations, the dive centers in the Philippines have some of the lowest costs while still maintaining safety regulations.

Tip: Take a day or two to visit El Nido, Palawan!

3. Costa Rica

If you love beautiful beaches and rice & beans then this is the spot for you! Ha. But seriously, I once stayed in Costa Rica for two months and traveled to some of the most amazing untouched beaches and waterfalls. Costa Rica is well known for its ecotourism and the country works hard to preserve its forests. In Costa Rica, you have to get out and try ziplining, rainforest hikes, and all of the nature activities that they have to offer. You’ll see plenty of monkeys and wildlife here in the forests.

There are also several active and dormant volcanoes in Costa Rica that are a site to see. They have hot springs that you can visit for a spa experience brought to you by Mother Nature herself! Brush up on your Spanish a little bit, and get ready to eat tacos in front of beautiful white sand beaches all across the country.

Tip: Costa Rica is also famous for producing some of the world’s best coffee beans. These will make for good souvenirs for your coffee drinking friends at home.

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