Vacation Goals: Tanz & Zanz

Out of all the places that I’ve traveled, a Zanzibar + Tanzania combo trip is my most highly recommended destination. The safari on mainland Tanzania was like stepping into National Geographic and the beaches of Zanzibar are blindingly beautiful. This was one of those trips that just made me speechless and appreciative of the earth that God created for us. When you see pure untouched nature like in Zanz&Tanz it just reminds you that the world is so much bigger than me and you.

The vibes in Tanzania are so relaxed and laid back, much to my liking. Everybody seems to be in a good mood and nobody seems to be in a hurry… but I guess that’s what island life is all about. The locals are happy to speak with you, teach you Swahili, and do anything to help you feel at home. My days in Tanz&Zanz truly made me feel like a queen. This place, especially zanzibar, has reserved a spot in my heart forever!

In Africa, you always have to be prepared for anything! On arrival, my friend found that her luggage was delayed and she spent the first day and a half without her bags. The rest of us tried  to compensate by pulling clothes and cosmetics together for her to use, but obviously it wasn’t the same as if she’d had her own bags. On the evening before she received her bags, we decided to all strip our clothes and dawn the hotel’s bathrobes to keep her from feeling left out. In the end, it made for a fun story to tell and pictures that will always remind us of those laughs we shared! These kind of moments are what I love most about traveling- the small moments that stick with you and become the best stories.

I want to share more of my travel experiences with you guys. I not only want to share with you through my stories on AfokoAmelia, but I also want to give you the chance to travel to my favorite places, eat the foods that I’ve loved, and see all of the sights that took my breath away. If you haven’t heard about Afoko Adventures by now, consider this your formal introduction. Afoko Adventures is a travel company by my sister and I to coordinate week-long group trips to a number of destinations around the world. Our upcoming trip is a Tanzania + Zanzibar trip in September where we will be revisiting all of my favorite places again. Check out the website for more information on this and upcoming trips!
Here are some of my favorite pics from Tanz&Zanz!


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