Destination Dining: Le Jules Verne at The Eiffel Tower

Who doesn’t love a good view? A good view is even better with good food!

So I’m in Paris and it’s dinner time and I wanted to eat anywhere with a nice view of the Eiffel Tower. So I got on google and searched for restaurants with a good view, and I found something better! INSIDE the Eiffel Tower: exciting! The restaurant is Le Jules Verne located on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. I made a reservation for one.

Now that part was a little weird, I was the only one eating by myself. The restaurant was pretty cozy too, so I had to listen to the couples beside me romancing all night. That was fine tho… they were American also so we chatted a bit!

I got the 5 course tasting menu. My waiter had a strong French accent and I didn’t know what I was eating most of the time. But that made it feel even more French- I liked it. Hh! Everything was good… even the duck liver which sounds crazy. It was so much food.

Here are the pics! What do you think?


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