Dubai Food Festival

It might be one of the best times for a foodie in Dubai. Dubai Food Festival is set  from Feb 23 to March to highlight Dubai’s unique international food scene. I was so excited to visit the Etisalat Beach Canteen behind in Jumeirah to try out the food trucks and stands. I planned smart with the oversized shirt because I already knew I was about to go in on these trucks.

I started with a burger slider from Moylo’s Burgers. We tried the Moylos Burger and the Hot Chick. Both were good.

Burger Goodness.

Next stop was Indian Street food. The guys recommended Dahi Puri so I tried that. It was interesting, not bad but I prefer butter chicken.


Next up is Meatballers. We tried the chicken meatballs with the Orange Chipotle sauce. Very spicy sauce full of flavor: yum. We also tried the cheese stuffed jalapeños which were a classic made well. img_9409

I think its pretty obvious that I was a big fan of the Garlic Yuca fries at Swag Truck.

These Yuca fries are love.

With all this food, of course we got thirsty. I stopped at Hecho en Dubai for some Hibiscus juice as well as some Mexican Horchata. I absolutely loved the Horchata.

Loving this Horchata from Hecho en Dubai.

At this point we were very full. But we couldn’t leave the beach without making room for desert from Wofl. We had the “Old Faithful” with fruit and nutella. This might have been my favorite munchie of the day. I think everybody should try this!!


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