Food Diary: Paris

For the sake of being very honest, the food is probably my least favorite part of Paris. Yikes. But there are a few things that they definitely “Diiiiid dat!” Here are my recommendations for your Must-Try Munchies in Paris!

Bread – Fresh baked bread.. They do it right. I had probably to many croissants and baguettes during my visit. Its simple and delish.


French Onion Soup – I had a good laugh at the restaurant thinking about how they only had to call it Onion Soup since we were already in France. But anyway, this soup was so good, filled with cheese and fresh bread. It was the perfect way to warm up from the cold weather.


Oysters – These were very good. I normally prefer cooked oysters but I really enjoyed these with some fresh lemon

Crepes – I think this is an obvious one. The real question is sweet or savory? I was in the mood to be sweet this time, so I went with Nutella and banana. Off the charts.


Macaroons – These cute little delicious things are like a burst of sweetness. The best macarron I’ve ever had was in Paris. They are also the perfect souvenir treat to bring back to your loved ones.

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